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A Bunch Of Short Guys is a Dallas-based non-profit animation guild established to foster a community of world-class artists and storytellers. The group provides an educational resource for the local community of entertainment professionals, educators and students, helping visual creators pursue career development.


A complete list of past and present leaders of ABOSG's. The Executive Committee is the planning and managment arm of the organization.  Due to a reorganization of the bylaws in 2008, Executive committies now server for 2 year terms.  Executive committees are elected by the membership at large in July every other year, and take office August 1st.



Board of Directors 2013

Will Nicholson (Chair) - Reel FX, Independent Animator and Co-Founder

J Schuh (Vice Chair) - Independent Animator, Toons-N-Design and Co-Founder

Hector Ruiz (Treasurer) - TAD Student

Julie Barret (Secretary) - ReelFX

Ludo Michaud - Creative Director and VFX Supervsor - ReelFX

Michael Daubert - Creative Director - Motus Digital

Lyn Caudle - ReelFX

Steve Quentin - Creative Director - 900lbs Creative

Brett Briley - Character Designer - Id Software

Vince Sidwell - Focus Factory, Independent Animator and Co-Founder


Ethan Wilder - Chief Technology Officer
Tony Miuccio - Education Ambassador

Board of Directors 2012

Brett Briley (Chair) - Character Designer - Id Software

Vince Sidwell (Vice Chair) - IndependentAnimator and Co-Founder

Hector Ruiz (Treasurer) - TAD Student

Julie Barret (Secretary) - UTD Student

J Schuh - Independent Animator and Co-Founder

Will Nicholson - Independent Animator and Co-Founder

Ludo Michaud - Creative Director and VFX Supervsor - ReelFX

Michael Daubert - Creative Director - Motus Digital

Lyn Caudle - Independent VFX Supervisor

Steve Quentin - Creative Director - Element X Creative


Board of Directors 2008-2011

Chad Briggs - Owner - Element X Creative  and Co-Founder

Brandon Bruce - Co-Founder

Eric Craft - Co-Founder

Tom Ottinger - Professor at Collin College and Co-Founder

J. Marshall Pittman (Chair) - Professor at Collin College and Co-Founder

J. Schuh - Independent Animator and Co-Founder

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